‘PrankvsPrank’ ‘Jurassic Park’-Inspired YouTube Video Pushes Over 17K Fans To Fandango For Some Dinosaur Magic

What did YOU do last weekend? If it wasn’t enjoy the screams of dinosaurs and the 3D effects of the recently re-released “Jurassic Park,” then your weekend sounds like a failure. And not only was Hollywood celebrating the re-release of this cinematic great but YouTube was getting in on the action as well.

Last week, YouTube’s famous prankster couple Jesse Wellens and Jeana of “BFvsGF” and “PrankvsPrank” collaborated with directors Zach Lipovsky and Adam Stein to create the “Jurassic Park”-inspired video “Scary Car Chase.” The video starts off much like the couple’s other vlogs but takes a drastic turn after they unwrap a mysterious T-rex toy. Opening the toy’s mouth, the couple find themselves transported into the world of “Jurassic Park” where they become the prey of a half-dinosaur-half-cat. The video was created by Fullscreen to celebrate the 20th anniversary of “Jurassic Park” that hit theatres this past weekend. Fullscreen is also offering fans of the video the chance to order free 3D glasses and watch Jesse and Jeana’s video with 3D effects on the YouTube channel Tompo 3D.

In just the past five days since its upload onto both the “BFvsGF” and “Tompo 3D” channels, the video has collectively accumulated over 668 thousand views. Jesse and Jeana’s video alone has helped push over 17.5 thousand clicks to Fandango for tickets, showing just how influential YouTube can be in helping with the success of a Hollywood movie.

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