PrettyMuchIt: Reviewing Everything That’s Entertainment [YouTube Nextup Creator Profile Series]


The premise of YouTube channel PrettyMuchIt is as simple as their username. It features reviews from the latest in movies, games, TV and music six days a week, and the channel doesn’t focus on one genre over another, so there’s something for everyone. What also piqued my interest from the PrettyMuchIt channel is that every Sunday, they put out a classic movie review — and it just so happens that “Freaks,” one of my favorite cult classics, has just been featured!

PrettyMuchIt’s roster consists of Eric Striffler, Mike Peterson, Jake Baldino, Kevin Spellman and Paul Gabriellini. Each of them have brought their own take on the latest entertainment offerings since 2010, and the channel has grown to more than 59,000 subscribers and more than 24 million video views. That, my friends, is pretty much it about PrettyMuchIt.

I caught up with Eric from PrettyMuchIt as he talked about how he and his friends started the channel and why they take a broader approach to reviewing new and classic entertainment content.

Tell us about your channel and who you’re trying to appeal to.

Eric Striffler: Pretty Much It is an independent source of entertainment news and reviews. We talk about movies, video games, music, TV, comics and basically anything else we think is worth it. Obviously plenty of people can, and do, talk about all of these things on YouTube and across the rest of the internet, but we like to think we bring a unique brand of humor and insight due to the dynamic personalities and opinions of our crew, which currently consists of me (Eric), Jake, Mike, Kevin and Paul.

As far as our YouTube presence goes, we keep to a very consistent schedule: on Mondays we tell you what movies, games, music and more are coming out during the week; on weekdays we review the latest movies, games, music, TV and more; on Fridays we recap all of the week’s movie, gaming and TV news in a 30-minute show; and on Sundays we recommend and review classic movies.

What inspired you guys to create your channel? Did a movie/game have such an impact on you that you decided to start reviewing movies/games?

I’m an aspiring filmmaker, so I started on YouTube posting short films and comedy sketches on A year later, I started another channel where I could discuss interesting news stories and ended up doing some major analysis on the movie “Cloverfield.” That got me really into sharing my thoughts on movies, and I gained a large following from it over a few years. In 2010, I realized that the channel I had started wouldn’t be an effective brand in the future, and if I added any friends it wouldn’t be quite right, so I made the tough decision to start from scratch with a new channel, which is Pretty Much It (based on how I ended a lot of my videos: “…and that’s pretty much it!”).

For a while it was rough because I planned to include other friends, but they were away at college and it ended up just being me like it was on the previous channel. In 2012 we relaunched Pretty Much It with the aforementioned weekly format, posting a new video every single day except for Saturdays, and a new crew that everyone fell in love with immediately. To say I’m proud of what the channel has become would be an understatement. I’ve never had more fun on YouTube than I am now with my friends!

What are some interesting trends you guys are following at the moment in terms of movies/games?

What we cover changes so rapidly with new movies and games coming out constantly, but one thing that’s been pretty consistent is our disdain for big budget garbage movies, games, etc. taking attention away from truly great independent or low budget movies, games, etc. We try to spread the word about as many lesser-known movies and games as we can, and we like to think people come for the news about the big Hollywood blockbusters and leave with a new indie to check out that they may not have heard about otherwise.

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