PrettyMuchIt: Reviewing Everything That’s Entertainment [YouTube Nextup Creator Profile Series]

Why is your channel focused on multiple types of entertainment? Is it better to cover everything rather than be specific such as a channel on movies or video games?

Frankly, we’re not sure if it’s better to cover everything rather than specifically just movies or games, but it all started out as us talking about the things that interested us, and we like plenty of movies, games, TV, etc. We didn’t want to confine it to one topic on the channel, and we didn’t want to spread it out to multiple channels.

In order to remedy that, we utilize lots of YouTube-specific features to provide an engaging experience by allowing viewers to control what they see; we use annotations that skip around to different topics (we call it ‘Choose Your News’) in our 30-minute long news recap show on Fridays and in our Monday show. If you only want movie news, you can click the movie annotation. Same goes for games, or music or anything else. It’s all about what you want to see, and we’re currently working harder than ever to make sure new viewers are aware of that.

How do you feel about your channel being selected as a NextUp Collaborator? What are you doing for the project?

It was such a thrill to get contacted by Google about being invited to the NextUp program. It felt like validation for everything we’ve been doing and plan to do. Google awarded us some equipment and money to better our channel, and we’ve already begun implementing some of that in small ways that will only get bigger and better. We’re also using some of the money to get the main crew to Vidcon, where we plan to shoot our first ever live episode of the Friday show. We’re extremely excited for that and we hope to meets lots of our viewers!

As far as working at YouTube Space L.A. goes, it was incredible to know that everything we could possibly need was right there. From staff to space to equipment, it was all available and we were taught anything we didn’t already know.

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity and got more out of it than I could have anticipated. Aside from bettering our channel, I met some truly great people through NextUp, and I consider every single person in the bunch to be a good friend.

What do you think you guys will get out of the NextUp program?

I took away a lot of valuable tips and tricks about the YouTube platform itself from YouTube itself. It doesn’t get much better than that. I listened to every single word and took mental notes that I’ve already begun utilizing, such as specific analytic information I was unaware of. YouTube gives us so much information, and I don’t think people realize just how much there is, so I would say the biggest thing I got out of NextUp is to optimize our content based on our analytics.

About the piece:

Out of YouTube’s thousands of creator channels, 30 promising creators are picked every season to participate in the YouTube NextUp Creator program — a sort of Hogwarts Academy for the very best of the YouTube best. They spend a week training at the YouTube Creator Space in Los Angeles, attending seminars, learning advanced filming techniques and interacting with some of the YouTube greats. In short, it’s a pretty cool honor. Since YouTube thinks they’re worthy, NMR thinks you should know about them.

So we’re featuring the Winter 2013 class of Nextup participants — 2 a day for the next 15 days. Learn about these fresh faces, love their content and then subscribe to their channels, because these are the next generation of YouTube innovators.

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