PS4’s New Dualshock Controller Adds A ‘Share’ Button for Recorded Gameplay


Gaming geeks and YouTube gaming gurus rejoice! The folks over at Sony released this video today showing off their upcoming PS4 Dualshock 4 controller. Included is a new shape design, fine-tuned analog sticks, a touchpad, and most importantly, a bright and shiny “Share” button.

The new feature will allow players to record game play and quickly share it with friends simply by smashing a single button. Whether this new button and feature will improve your game playing skills and your ability to 360 no-scope headshot better in “Call of Duty” remains to be seen. The new button is great and all, but there is something one of the commenters on the video pointed out that leaves me disheartened about the new design: our old, tried and true “Start” and “Select” buttons no longer exist. Much like a phoenix, start and select rise from the ashes. Or in this case, get replaced by an “Option” button and become menu items.

Do you guys think this “Share” button is a good idea? Would you even use it? Let me know down below before you go. Rhyming is fun.