P’trique of ‘Sh*t Fashion Girls Say’ Does Ab-Fab Interview With So-Trendy-It-Hurts NMR


Maybe she’s born with it, but so what? P’trique née Patrick Pope is the fiercest lady to call fashion and YouTube her dual domains. And now, she might just be calling Maybelline her home as well. Picking up Maybelline’s trophy for “Best Use of a Video in a Social Media Campaign” at the Shorty Awards in New York, P’trique was the evenings most glam ma’am and the cosmetics company’s freshest face.

As a YouTube star and frequent guest on “America’s Next Model: College Edition,” P’trique was tapped for her viral ability (no, not that one) to announce Charlotte Free as the new face of Maybelline. The resulting video, which was called “Top Chicret,” drew the buzz of fashion’s hoi polloi and resulted in Maybelline’s Shorty’s trophy. So naturally P’trique was bestowed with the honor of picking it up.

And, naturally, NMR would be bestowed with the honor of getting to ask the fashionista a few things about being trés chic.



So you accepted for Maybelline at the Shorty Awards: Was your bff Charlotte Free totes jelly?

Not at all. She was excited … so excited she skipped the event all together because she knew I would out dress her … I MEAN SHE WAS BUSY!!!

Your speech had to be 140 characters or less — who did you thank and who got overlooked?

I thanked Maybellene (client) and Iced Media (producer team). Who got overlooked? Well, Karl Lagerfeld and Tilda Swinton for being EVERYTHING.

Should Madonna hang it up or should she keeping rocking it to the grave?



Have you ever had to throw a cosmo in someone’s face, and if so, why?

I’ve never drinken a cosmo in my life.

What is going to be the official fashion look of summer?

Backless! The summer of the reverse décolletage is upon us. Can’t wait to wear tops that reveal my thinified shoulder blades and boney spine.

Do you actually have a Birkin bag and shut up, you do not!!!

Yes, I have a Birkin (several), and no, I don’t want to talk about who gifted them to me … I won’t name names but it rhymes with “shmelly shmosborne.”

Who is someone who deserves to be thrown in jail for crimes against fashion?

I don’t believe in fashion criminals. Fashion is about taking risks. And if risk taking is criminal then consider me an inmate. Wait, perhaps whoever designs those gross orange inmate jumpsuits could be thrown in jail. Tax dollars wasted or fashion philanthropy op missed: Designer Inmate Attire.

Hair Extensions: cheap or chic?

Au natural is the only way I go but I don’t hate my homegirls that need extra love up top.

What should be everyone’s ABSOLUTE MUST Maybelline product?

Great Lash!

What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said about someone?

I told Claire Danes she is looking kinda Claire Lames in those juicy sweats. I was totes joking as it was a travel day and that’s the perfect excuse. But she didn’t take it well. It took three pieces from my vaulted wardrobe and a luxury gift basket by Olive & Cocoa to get back in her good graces. It was a joke; I’m genuinely not a cruel girl.

Better +1: Tom Ford or Tom Hardy?

Tom Hardy in a Tom Ford suit.


What is the most fabulous thing you have ever done?

Private jet to St. B’s to have my “disappear/find myself moment.” I only packed one pair of St. Laurent bikini bottoms and Prabal cotton top. I stayed at Christie Brinkley’s villa, frolicked on Flamands, and drifted with the tide.

Tell us there is another song coming out?

I’m working on a song called “Be Yonce.” I’m going to make Yonce an adjective to replace both chic and fierce. “These jorts are totes off trend right now, but on me they are Yonce.”


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