Pull My Finger: The 5 Best YouTube Prank Channels [VIDEOS]


I love pranks. I’m just not very good at them. When I lived at a frat house, I got a hold of an industrial blue powder dye that, when mixed with moisture, would stain skin blue for months — some guy had lightly pranked me, so I decided to get him back by putting it in his underwear. When he started sweating, voila — literal blue balls for three months. Unfortunately, I got his roommates underwear by mistake.

But there are other, more polished tricksters out there spreading havoc for the joy of the masses. In fact, there are so many of them that this list really deserves to be a “Top 50” instead of a “Top 5,” but the fact that we narrowed them down for you just gives you all the more reason to write in and complain. Of course if you did, we’d totally have to find out where you live then and prank the living hell out of you … I think I still have some of that blue dye left ….

5. Just For Laughs Gags


This is pretty much the end-all, be-all for YouTube prankery. With over 2,000 uploaded prank videos, it is pretty impossible to root against them for a spot on this list. But because they are “corporate,” I have tried to put Preperation H on all the irritated whiners out there and relegate Just For Laughs to the five-spot. Now nobody should be able to accuse me of being in “The Man’s” pocket by writing a “sponsored post.” Besides, if I were committing payola, you’d better believe I’d be doing it with some sort of BBQ restaurant/brothel/opium den …

4. Prank vs. Prank


Prank vs. Prank wisely takes away the frustration of you being a target, mainly by pitting the two creators against themselves! Not only are their pranks incredibly mean-spirited (which is always a major plus), but this real-life couple is also easy on the eyes (for both sexes). And their phony engagement announcement earlier this year totally fooled the hell out of NMR (sorta), so that alone warrants their inclusion on this list. I just hope they don’t “prank” murder each other before you get a chance to subscribe to their channel.

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