QbanGuy: Mixing Comedy, Music and Swagger [YouTube Nextup Creator Profile Series]

There is a certain personality type that tends to succeed in front of the camera — the person should have a fun, assertive, flirty disposition with a quick wit and a willingness to toe the line. David Letterman has it, KassemG has it and I think Jonathan Contreras has it. He’s got a slick moxie that dares you not to enjoy the things he does.

His channel, Qbanguy (because he’s Cuban if you didn’t pick up on that), is a mix of funny and musical (don’t worry, I asked about the music), but he’s also got swagger. As someone who has zero swagger, I envy this. With 145 thousand subscribers, Jon is somebody who could definitely benefit from the YouTube Nextup program — and yet, he wouldn’t accept the extra 1,000,000 subscribers I tried to offer him (naturally, it came with a price). Some people just like to make it on their own I guess.

Even so, read the article, like the guy and go subscribe to his channel. When he takes over hosting duties on “Late Show” one day, you’ll thank me that you got in early.


How did you become a YouTuber in the first place?

Well, I actually started making videos before YouTube started! I remember I made a “Blair Witch” Parody with my friend’s old school VHS-C camcorder! I was going to school for television production and started putting the videos up on YouTube for friends to see in other states. I also LOVED watching TV shows like “In Living Color,” so when I realized I could start doing skits and parodies on my channel for others to see my style of comedy, I knew I was in the right place.

Describe your channel in one AWESOME sentence.

If I don’t make you laugh, then you can have my girlfriend, or better, my pair of Nike Air Yeezy 2s!

What was your reaction to finding out you got selected for the NextUp program?

IT WAS AMAZING! I thought NO WAY! I cannot believe I am this LUCKY! It truly is a blessing and the amount of time and effort they put into making you a part of a team is incredible. I REALLY felt I was a part of YouTube and Google. Being at the first full week of NextUp camp I LOVED IT! It was work, work, work, work. Surrounded by so many people that have the same passion as you and want to create. Dude, they should be charging people for this — not inviting them, haha.

Have you met any of your “competition” in the NextUp program yet?

I met all of them! I hate them all!!! Haha, nah, just kidding — they are GREAT! So many people with different talents. It’s great to be around and it’s inspiring.

Name one established YouTuber whose channel you’re jealous of.

Umm, Toby Turner? That dude’s gaming channel is bigger than his main channel, sheesh! I needa open up a gaming channel or something — he’s gotta be super rich.

Marry, Fuck, Kill: iJustine, Jenna Marbles, Melanie Iglesias.

Marry them all! Those girls are like Pringles Chips, you can’t just have one?

Which one video of yours would be the best one for newcomers to learn about your channel?

Here is one of everyone’s favorite. 🙂


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