Rachel Talbott: Fashion, Cooking & Health Blend For A Perfect Channel [YouTube Nextup Creator Profile Series]


When we started covering the spring class of the YouTube NextUp program, Rachel Talbott was amongst the ranks of the creators whose YouTube channels I had to profile (also the sole female). And I went, “Oh great, a lifestyle channel. I’m not going to be able to relate to this girl at all.” She seems pretty and thoughtful and not at all the type who I could push in the mud for a laugh — I certainly couldn’t ask her, “What’s the best way to get rid of a dead body?” or “Would you rather be a bank robber or a hitman?” like I could with some of the other (read: guy) creators because I felt like the response for both would be “Eww …”

The more I watched her channel though, the more I realized that Rachel offers a broadly dimensional and accessible channel — not just for girls (though they are her prime demographic by far), but also for doofus meatheads like me who are making the (admittedly glacial) transition from frat boy to husband. And that is where I clicked with Rachel Talbott. Not only does her channel, CheckinTheMirror, feature fantastic food tutorials by her lucky hubby Byron, but also, in listening to Rachel, you get an insight into how girls think and how methodical and important every little detail is to the whole presentation — no wonder girls get so mad when I don’t notice they’ve changed their hair. But guys and girls alike should definitely tune in to her channel and subscribe, because not only can we learn a little something about the opposite sex, we can learn a little something about ourselves as well.

So … you’re married?

Rachel Talbott: Yes … I will be married six years in June! 🙂

Why “CheckInTheMirror” as your channel name?

If I could give a woman one tip about beauty It would be to CheckInTheMirror but don’t stare at it. Basically, take care of yourself but don’t obsess! We all have imperfections and flaws we could focus on, but it’s best to focus on the positive and our own unique beauty.

How did you get into YouTube in the first place?

I had been hearing a lot about the “web space.” At the time, I really wanted video content for my blog “Checkinthemirror.” I wanted to share the beauty tips I had learned from a few years of workings as a skincare specialist, and I originally started with skin care blog posts and videos. As my channel grew, I kinda got back to my “childhood” roots of entertaining and music as I started other endeavors on YouTube.

Which of your “hobbies” (shopping, cooking, vlogging, etc.) is your favorite?

Byron and myself are very chill people. We really love to relax, eat good food, watch a great movie. We don’t go out and party; we stay home and start projects. Funnily enough, I like to clean if I have time. I find it therapeutic at times. I’m quite a homebody, although I do like a good hike or outdoor adventure. Ha ha.

What is an established lifestyle channel that you absolutely love?

Missglamorazzi is fabulous. She is relatable, likeable, knowledgable. I love Kandee Johnson too!

How did you use your time at the Creator Space to improve your channel?

It was exciting for me to be at the space. I feel that the education I received alone was invaluable. YouTubers run a business, and there are aspects of that business that are confusing and complex. I was also able to meet other inspiring and talented creators. I felt inspired to create better content, become more professional, thought-out and business-minded.

What is your #1 absolute best shopping tip?

Know what you want. If you just LOVE to shop that’s okay too, but for me personally, I always end up spending a fortune if I make shopping a hobby. If you are on a budget, shop for items you need. Look for quality and fit. Shop by yourself. Shop with a purpose (an outfit in mind) otherwise you will be stuck with tons of cute things that don’t go together. 😉

What do you think is going to be the big fashion trend for summer?

I’m loving fringe. It’s like that 70s vibe. I don’t really follow trends though. I try to stick with my own personal preferences. I love to see people who have individual style. 🙂

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