Racist Animals Respond to ‘How Animals Eat Their Food’ With Hilarious Counter Video

Last week, YouTuber MisterEpicMann blessed the world with what I would consider to be the the funniest, “made me laugh so hard I fell off my chair crying” video. Because let’s face it, there is nothing funnier than a grown man head butting a table in a skin-tight pink flamingo bodysuit. There just isn’t.

But as it turns out, the animal kingdom was not impressed with the video and recently aired a counter response with their own film “How Humans Eat Their Food.” Turns out, humans are pretty weird too. The hilarious video, created by South African comedy duo Derick Watts and The Sunday Blues, shows an alligator as he watches his hippo friend imitate, and insult, how humans eat around the world. Funny in the way only a video of a racist cartoon hippo could be, “How Humans Eat Their Food” is the best thing I could have asked for to start my Monday work day.

Watch the original video “How Animals Eat Their Food” here.

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