‘Rape Sloth’ Is The Last Meme You Want Driving You Home [GALLERY]

Probably the most controversial meme since the “Angel of Death,” “Rape Sloth” is the hot new meme buying all your drinks at the moment.

Taken from a Terry Richardson-for-Pirelli photoshoot, the “Rape Sloth” meme shows a seedy-looking mammal up in some hot model’s ear, apparently whispering devious intentions.
With such lines as “You know what rhymes with sloth? Rape.” and “Do you like dragons? Because in a moment, I’m gonna be dragon my balls all over your face.” “Rape Sloth” has cornered the market on evil hilarity.

Of course there is no shortage of people condemning this new meme for its attempts at making rape into a “laughing matter.” This is one of those tightrope arguments that I love to attempt (though I am sometimes unsuccessful at making them). Obviously nobody sane really finds the notion of rape “funny” (and believe me, I am about as insensitive as insensitive gets — zero filters), but there is a certain compunction in people towards schadenfreude — shameful joy. We sometimes need to laugh at inappropriate things because it is a mechanism for tolerating those things we cannot control. And something as absurd as a rape-crazy sloth is hardly beyond the moral pale. If you do not find “Rape Sloth” funny, by all means exercise your right to freedom by choosing not to indulge in his letchery; but for freedom’s sake, don’t try to decide what other people find funny, because that is not something you can control. And since you can’t control it, try finding something to laugh about. I strongly suggest “Rape Sloth.”

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