Ray William Johnson to Maker Studios: ‘The Lawsuit Starts Now’


Ray William Johnson’s dispute with Maker Studios has hit a critical level this afternoon with the YouTuber threatening legal action against his former home over his Google Adsense account.

He made his intentions clear on Twitter: “fyi- All of my contracts with Maker Studios have expired, and theyre still refusing to give back my Adsense account. The lawsuit starts now.”

In response, The Fine Bros tweeted their support for RWJ’s fight against Maker Studios: “Networks need to be publicly held accountable otherwise the abuse will continue. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.”

RWJ and Maker Studio have been battling it out for the past few months now, with RWJ posting an op-ed piece on NMR accusing Maker of not giving back his Adsense account after leaving the company.

He wrote back in December: “They are now even trying to leverage my own Adsense account against me so that I will ‘sign over all of Your Favorite Martian’s intellectual property, void my stock options in the company, sign a confidentiality agreement to never tell the truth, and are even suggesting that they have legal claims against me for trade libel, slander, etc.’ even though I have kept my mouth shut about this and tried to play nice up until this point.”

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