‘Reasons My Son Is Crying’ Tumblr Illustrates The Infinite Reasons Why Your Toddler Is Pissed Off

They don’t call it the terrible twos for nothing. From the point of view of a twentysomething writer who is trying to make ends meet right out of college, the life of a toddler seems pretty great. They get to take baths all the time instead of showers, someone is always cooking them food, and their days revolve in a cycle of eating, sleeping and watching Disney movies. It’s my idea of paradise. But Tumblr “Reasons My Son Is Crying” tells a bit of a different story.

The Tumblr has gone viral since it was uploaded onto Reddit last weekend. It pairs pictures of a sobbing 1-year old boy named Charlie alongside captions written by his parents of why he is crying. And man, there are so many reasons. Just like my favorite furry friend Grumpy Cat, Charlie seems to be miffed by most things in the world: visiting New York City, not being allowed to throw water on his Grammy, milk in a juice cup, not being allowed to run naked in Times Square — there is no pleasing that kid. Charlie is a diva in the making that will make your PMSing girlfriend look like a walk in the park. Sure your boss might be a thorn in your side today and your car may have gotten towed, but keep it in perspective: At least you don’t have Charlie following you around all day. Below I picked my top five favorite explanations of Charlie’s tantrums, enjoy!

5. We wouldn’t let him open the hotel door and run through Times Square Naked.


4. I wouldn’t let him drink bath water.


 3. I wouldn’t let him drown in this pond.


2. I closed the refrigerator door.


1. Grandma wouldn’t let him spill his ice water all over her and the table.



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