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Lindsey has a good one filmed, but do you guys have bad date stories yourselves?

Eric: I think a lot of them find their way into our sketches.
Jason: Stories and a lot of the things that we experience end up in our videos and become scenarios in our videos. It’s not a coincidence that the fourth season of “Psycho Girlfriend” she’s pregnant — some of the stuff we were going through.
Lindsey: A lot of your guys’ stories are in “Psycho Girlfriend” as far as dating and relationship stories.
Jason: Yeah, totally. The whole first episode of “Psycho Girlfriend” is like an amalgamation of all of our different dating stories and how we kind of had some pretty wild stuff.

What are some of the YouTube channels you guys watch?

Jason: I really love Corridor stuff. I think Corridor Digital is really on the forefront of visual effects storytelling. I think they’re kind of creating a whole separate kind of genre in a sense which is like experimental filmmaking with actual narrative story telling. It’s very cool what they’re doing. I really love their stuff.
Eric: I watch CollegeHumor. They are one of the YouTube channels that I check back in for and be like, “What were they up to? Let me see,” ‘cause they do make me laugh. They have some videos that make me laugh.
Lindsey: Well, I have a baby, so I don’t have time to watch YouTube videos. But back in the day when I did, I liked Community Channel, if she is still out there. I think she is. And then Michelle Phan, her makeup tutorials. Big fan.
Jason: She is a Phan fan.


Last question: If you guys weren’t acting and creating, what job would you guys be doing?

Eric: I think about this one.
Lindsey: I do too. I think I would be an event planner or a wedding planner or something like that. I know it’s so random, but I was going to go school, I had a scholarship to go to school and do —
Eric: Event planning scholarship?
Lindsey: Not event planning, but it was going to be like —
Eric: I had an event planning scholarship, guys. How do you get that scholarship?
Lindsey: Community college. But I was going to go into business management, advertising, something like that, but I think I would have gone more in that direction. I like that kind of thing.
Eric: I think I’d be a police officer.
Lindsey: What?
Jason: [laughs] What the fuck are you talking about?
Eric: Or a teacher.
Jason: A police officer?
Eric: Yeah.
Jason: You want to like patrol the streets?
Eric: Fuck yes.
Jason: Eating donuts and like —
Eric: Yes I would. I think about this all the time. I’d be a police officer or a teacher for sure.
Lindsey: That’s cool.
Jason: That’s amazing. I have such a shitty answer for this question.
Eric: I mean, if I wasn’t able to do any sort of filmmaking I don’t think I’d be a painter or anything. Yeah, I’d be a police officer.
Jason: I have the worst, most boring answer. I’d probably work computers because that is what I did to make money while I was trying to support my filmmaking career.
Eric: Graphic designer?
Jason: Like literally probably build it, like, “Here’s your fucking computer,” with a blue shirt on.
Eric: That makes sense though; you love that shit.
Jason: That’s what I did. When I lived in New York I would travel all over Manhattan fixing people’s computers trying to go to school.

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