RecklessMike: Poking Fun At ‘Ghetto’ Social Media Trends [YouTube Nextup Creator Profile Series]

Some of your famous videos include “Top Ghetto Facebook Poses” and “30 Ghetto Facebook Names.” What social media trends really grind your gears right now? Why make videos about them?

Man, those videos did pretty well for what they were worth. My favorite videos at the moment would be my “Dumb Pics Guys and Girls Take,” “B*tches Be Like,” “Ghetto Twitter names,” “YouTube Beef” and  “7 Ways to Get Off the Phone.” Nothing really grinds my gears, but some social media trends do become annoying. As you can see, I have some videos where I vent on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in my “Instagram Whores,” “Things I Hate About Facebook” and “Things I Hate About Twitter.” Those are some things I find annoying.

About the piece:

Out of YouTube’s thousands of creator channels, 30 promising creators are picked every season to participate in the YouTube NextUp Creator program — a sort of Hogwarts Academy for the very best of the YouTube best. They spend a week training at the YouTube Creator Space in Los Angeles, attending seminars, learning advanced filming techniques and interacting with some of the YouTube greats. In short, it’s a pretty cool honor. Since YouTube thinks they’re worthy, NMR thinks you should know about them.

So we’re featuring the Winter 2013 class of Nextup participants — 2 a day for the next 15 days. Learn about these fresh faces, love their content and then subscribe to their channels, because these are the next generation of YouTube innovators.

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