‘Remember When’ There Were 151 Pokemon? The ’90s Were All That and a Bag of Chips [VIDEO]

Remember when the Pokedex consisted of exactly 151 Pokemon? Way back before the brand had become a pure money grab bereft of any new ideas? Sure Pokemon was always soulless, but back in the mid-90s it was at least new and kawaii. Nintendo hadn’t yet begun to fulfill its grand plan of seemingly introducing a batch of new Pokemon every earnings quarter, and clearly also hadn’t yet figured out how difficult crafting those new original Pokemon might be (or didn’t care). That’s evidenced by every Pokemon they’ve introduced since that are needlessly complicated, torturously designed monstrosities (Dialgia, Zekrom) and those that are just more rehashes of Earthly animals with a slight, silly twist (Girafarig, Ducklett, Herdier). And then there’s the tree branch Pokemon, the garbage bag Pokemon and the ice cream Pokemon (true story). When’s the toilet Pokemon coming, Nintendo? Because I want to flush—oh, it’s coming along in the next generation along with an actual turd Pokemon? Oh, shit.


Peep the “Remember When” video down below to relive some of your 90s childhood memories and be depressed about your current dire state of affairs. Animation Domination High Def, or ADHD for short (get it?), is an Adult Swim-like (not by accident – a former head of program of development for the edgy Cartoon Network property is in charge) block of animation set to air on the Fox network this July. The ADHD team promises to release “animated weirdness” every Monday online as well, so they’re the bomb in NMR’s book. Also, I’ll trade you my shiny Psyduck for your shiny Ninetails.

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