Rhizome Joins With Tumblr To Award New Internet Art Grant For Tumblr Artists [Entry Details Inside]

Get your paint brushes ready — it’s about to go down!

Tumblr and online art archive Rhizome have just announced they will be funding the New Internet Art Grant and are looking to receive artists’ proposals today. The New Internet Art Grant is a commissioning award for the creation of new internet artwork from the Tumblr community. For the grant, the companies are looking for innovative and feasible art proposals that will capture the life of the internet. Proposals can be art projects ranging from performance to sound art but must involve the subject of Tumblr in some capacity.


“We’re looking for proposals showing a really native understanding of the internet and the web,” Rhizome’s Executive Director Heather Corcoran said in an interview with GalleristNY. “People who have a sophisticated understanding of, not just how Tumblr works, but how the internet works and how languages on the internet work.”

The proposals will undergo the scrutiny of four judges including the Associate Director and Director of Exhibitions at the New Museum Massimiliano Gioni, artists Laurie Anderson and Jon Rafman and Tumblr’s Editorial Director Christopher Price, and decisions will be released a month after the deadline. Winners of the grant will have a year to complete their project, have their costs covered, and their final pieces will be shown at an event in the New Museum in 2014. Rhizome is the New Museum’s nonprofit new media organization and has previously collaborated with Tumblr in 2010 at their “Seven on Seven” event that paired artists with techies. With over 2,500 pieces in their database, Rhizome collects artwork that transcends the typical art mediums and curates work that employs software, code, websites, moving images, games and browsers.

The collaboration between Rhizome and Tumblr will be beneficial to both companies, with Rhizome utilizing Tumblr’s internet-based audience and Tumblr receiving an acknowledgement from the art world for the creative content it fosters. Annie Werner, Tumblr’s art evangelist, comments that she was thrilled to partner with Rhizome because “they’re interested in the kind of things that are happening on Tumblr and not just what the art world says is happening in art… My bottom line is to promote the arts on Tumblr, and when you have a really credible, legitimate arts organization interested in that kind of stuff, that’s really exciting for us.”

For more information about how to apply for the Rhizome Tumblr Internet Grant Art Grant visit their website here.


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