Roku Pulls Plug on VideoBuzz’s YouTube Streaming, Puts Others on Notice


Roku may be one of the more popular video streaming devices out there, but don’t get the company started about its relationship, or lack thereof, with YouTube. The streaming device company claims that YouTube won’t make an app specific to their tastes, so Roku users will have to find different ways of getting around it.

One way that Roku users have watched YouTube content is through private channels such as Twonky, which lets users stream YouTube content through their dedicated app.

However, the party may be over soon for Twonky and other apps that allow Roku users to view YouTube content, as Roku has sent a takedown notice to private channel VideoBuzz, which will in turn be shut down April 17.

In a statement to CNET, Roku said: “Private channels are neither supported by nor approved by Roku, and from time to time it comes to Roku’s attention that developers have not obtained appropriate rights to the content distributed through their channels. Therefore the channels are removed.”

VideoBuzz acknowledged on its Facebook page that it received a takedown notice and is finding ways to “provide similar services” without violating Roku rules.

The end of VideoBuzz doesn’t directly affect other channels like Twonky at the moment, but from Roku’s statement to CNET, it seems that these channels are on notice. For now, until Roku gives them a takedown notice, find out how to use Twonky by checking out the article here.

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