ShayCarl Announces New YouTube Channel ‘Cartoonium’ That Will Feature His Own ‘ShayBeard’ Cartoon

ShayCarl recently announced his newest project: “Cartoonium,” a YouTube channel dedicated to cartoons. But that isn’t even the biggest news yet — drum roll, please! After cartwheeling into the video, Carl also shares that the channel’s newest cartoon, “ShayBeard,” will feature — you guessed it — a viking version of Shay himself. Now let’s take a quick tally: Shay is co-founder of Maker Studios, involved in numerous web series, vlogs for his own channel Shaytards and is now adding a cartoon show to the mix. Too bad he doesn’t drink coffee — he’s going to need it.

Cartoonium has become YouTube’s newest destination for cartoons and will house both new shows like “ShayBeard” along with classic cartoons such as “Code Lyoko,” “Mix Master” and “Bobby’s World.” While I don’t doubt Shay’s personal love of cartoons, his involvement in the channel may also have been influenced by his desire to create child-friendly content for his large brood of children. A date has yet to be set for the release of the first episode of “ShayBeard” but the channel is already packed with numerous episodes from the classic cartoons mentioned above.

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