Shocking Youku Video Captures Beijing Dance Teacher From Hell Hitting, Kicking and Yelling At 13-Year-Old Students

Now here is a woman who takes the art of fan dance way too seriously.

The video “Beijing Dance Teacher Abuses Students,” which was originally uploaded onto China’s leading video sharing site Youku, shows a Chinese-speaking dance teacher slapping, verbally abusing and kicking her students during their dance classes. The 13-year-old female students are physically pushed into their positions and slapped in the face by their teacher who greets them with encouragements like “Until now it looks like bullshit.” The teacher tells the girls, “Get to your position! Something is fucking wrong with your brains! If you cannot do this, I will open the door for you and you can jump to death!” Like puberty isn’t hard enough, now these fan dancers are stuck with the dance teacher from hell.

In the past four days the video has been on Youku, it has been viewed nearly 1.9 million times and has received over 37,000 comments. And while the video elicits from viewers a desire to punish the teacher for her abusive actions, it provides no clues as to the identity or location of where the video was originally shot. In an article written by the China Daily, a prominent English-language newspaper in China, the person who originally uploaded the video onto Youku says they found it on an international video sharing website after it was uploaded last November. The video has continued to get attention and traction in the YouTube space with an English translation being uploaded by China-based sports journalist Mark Dreyer.

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