SMOSH Hits 9 Million Children … No, I Mean SUBSCRIBERS! [VIDEO]



If this trend continues, we’re going to have to change the website to NewMediaSMOSHstars. Considering the way that everything these guys touch turns to gold, we might just do that anyhow!

Continuing their domination of the YouTube subscriber charts, SMOSH just landed their 9 millionth subscriber! And it seems like only yesterday I was writing about them reaching 7 million. Damn, these boys make me green with pride … no, wait! Not pride, envy! Yes, that’s the stuff! I have an envy of biblical proportions because of them and their success. Someone should make a sequel to the movie “SE7EN” and put me in it — I’ll give ‘em something in a box.

SMOSH’s subscriber success lately reminds me of that fable of the little girl who saves her king’s life. He offers her her weight in gold, but instead she asks for a single grain of rice. The caveat is that every day after that the king must double the previous day’s amount of rice. By the fifteenth day, he owes her more rice than is in the entire kingdom. So he beheads the cheeky bitch.

I guess what I’m saying is, congrats SMOSH! We wish you all the success in the world … just don’t take any of our rice!

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