Snoop Dogg To Present Reddit’s 1st Annual ‘Munchies’ Awards on 4/20


Snoop Dogg (or Lion or whatever he wants to call himself these days) will announce the winners of the first annual “The Munchies” awards on Reddit’s “Trees” subreddit on — when else? — 4/20 (or April 20 if you don’t get stoner lingo).

He announced the awards on his Twitter account earlier this week saying “I got tha munchies.” Besides boasting “The Munchies,” he also added a hashtag for his latest album “Reincarnated,” hitting record stores and the internet on April 23.

Reddit’s social news manager Erik Martin explained how “The Munchies” work: “The online world needs an annual feel good event for 4/20 and /r/trees is just the place to host the party. Here’s how the awards will work: Unlike other awards-show-type-things, The Munchies will not be burdened by traditional categories, rigid rules, and fake gravitas. Submit category ideas and nominations in this thread. Let’s keep the trees feel good spirit in mind, but there are no rules…There are no limits.”


While the categories haven’t been finalized yet, you can expect things like most delicious food/drink combo, biggest bong rip, coolest smoke art and dankest weed to be awarded. I won’t go into too much detail about my “Munchie” award picks, but if Red Vines and Mr. Pibb don’t win the most delicious food/drink combo award, I’m crying foul.

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