Sony Playstation 3 Promotes ‘MLB 13: The Show’ With Vine Baseball Cards [VIDEO]


Sony Playstation 3’s latest baseball game “MLB 13: The Show” has found a way to reinvent the baseball card. Imagine a baseball card not only featuring a photo of the player, but the player in action when he’s hitting a home run or pitching the perfect game.

Thanks to Twitter’s new Vine app, six-second videos are becoming a growing trend. Now “MLB 13: The Show” is using Vine to promote their video game by creating interactive baseball cards for their fans. They’re six-second videos featuring a Twitter user as a baseball player in the video game.

Jonathan Nafarrete, director for social outreach at BLITZ, the company responsible for making these Vine baseball cards, said to NMR:

“We’re always on the lookout for emerging platforms to leverage in a way that no one else can recreate. In thinking through Vine, we had to figure out how to best capture the spirit of MLB The Show and the excitement of opening day. Baseball is a game rooted in history and nostalgia, so we decided to bring back one of its most iconic artifacts, the baseball card. But rather than use a professional athlete, we wanted to let our fans live out their dreams on the field, even if just for six seconds.”

The cards have been gaining much attention since this week is the start of the 2013 Major League Baseball season. You can check an example of one of the “MLB 13: The Show” Vine baseball cards in the clip below.

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