Spotify and Phoenix Collaborate on YouTube Front Page Takeover [VIDEO]

Spotify is collaborating with the French indie band Phoenix on an 18-minute documentary ad placed on YouTube’s front page.

The documentary, which will air in segments throughout the day, follows the band over the course of 24 hours. However, PC Magazine reports that if you share the ad with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, you can watch it in its entirety.

The shareable Facebook link says: “See what it’s like to follow @wearephoenix for a full 24 hours. And follow them every day on @Spotify.”

The homepage takeover will likely cost Spotify $400,000, according to the Atlantic magazine, which cited a February survey from Digiday that stated the going rate for such advertisements. Spotify is using YouTube to tap into the video-streaming site’s vast user base, which recently topped 1 billion users. In comparison, Spotify’s $10 a month premium service has only 5 million subscribers worldwide and around 1 million subscribers in the United States.

As Spotify tries to expand its subscriber base, they still face stiff competition from other sites like Rdio, Pandora and especially YouTube. In March, Fortune magazine reported that YouTube is considering its own music streaming service by the end of the year.

Spotify also has intentions on crossing into streaming video much like Rdio is doing with their own video subscription service, but they’ll need to find ways of getting more subscribers to their bread and butter first before trying to achieve other lofty goals.

You can preview the Spotify documentary ad in the video above.

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