Subway Sax Battle Goes Viral, Panhandler Style [VIDEO]



Here is a nice break from all things April Fool’s — this sax battle on the subway puts me in the mood for some coffee and dark sunglasses.

This video is the result of some musician deciding to take on a subway panhandler with a sense of humor and a flair for the dramatic. Fortunately for the newcomer, musicians seem to have a mellow appreciation of one another’s skill — unlike, say, prostitutes, who will cut you if they think you have invaded their turf.

So instead of torn-out weaves, hunks of bright pink press-on fingernails as far as the eye can see and those ridiculously oversized hoop earrings with ripped pieces of earlobe still attached to them, we get the pleasant atmosphere of a hip jazz bar. Must be a nice change of pace for these weary subway riders who are likely more used to gang violence and bums engaging in “piss fighting.”

Why can’t all duels be this melodic?


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