Survey: Top 500 Brands on YouTube Get 440 Million Video Views Each Month


Brands are increasingly turning to YouTube to advertise products in ways that they couldn’t do on television to good effect: the top 500 brands on YouTube get 440 million views on their videos each month.

That’s one of the many findings in a report published by online video advertising company Outrigger, which surveyed the presence of 500 brands on YouTube using their OpenSlate video content analytics platform that tracks how channels interact and engage with their audiences.

The report describes the common traits of successful brands on YouTube: “Using a mix of original content and repurposed commercial assets, these brands share strategies with the top channels on YouTube, often leveraging their brand loyalists as well as their unique creative and media resources to develop and extend messaging.”

Outrigger adds that similar to their strategies on other social media platforms, successful brands on YouTube “commit to a clear and consistent content mission –usually choosing either to entertain or inform – and to developing their audience over the long haul.”

The industries most represented on the Top 500 YouTube Brands are technology (23 percent), automotive (17 percent), apparel (15 percent), beauty & personal care (10 percent), food & beverage (9 percent), travel (7 percent), education (7 percent), retail (7 percent) and finance & business (5 percent).


Industries with the most video views each month are technology and food & beverage, and the three largest food & beverage brands on YouTube — Pepsi, Red Bull and Coca-Cola — have combined monthly views of more than 50 million. Food & beverage brands also have the highest concentration of repurposed commercials on YouTube.

The brand with the most channels on YouTube is Google, with 25 channels in the Top 500 and nearly three million subscribers.

Despite the big numbers posted from brands like Google, Pepsi, Red Bull and Coca-Cola, the Top 500 brands still have a long ways in gaining more subscribers on YouTube. On average, these brands have on average 35,000 subscribers.

The top 10 brands on YouTube cited by Outrigger Media’s OpenSlate platform are:

1. Red Bull

2. Google

3. Old Spice

4. Nike Football

5. GoPro Camera

6. Blackberry

7. DC Shoes

8. Coca-Cola

9. Samsung

10. Volkswagen


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