Teen Breaks Mall Escalator Trying Viral ‘Helicoptering’ Meme [VIDEOS]



Whatever happened to “helicoptering” just meaning the thing happening at meatspin.com? Or hell, even just going for a ride in a helicopter? Why’d the internet have to go and make everything so complicated?

Joe Szkarskli, 18, now owes the Colorado Springs, Colorado mall $3700 because his buddy posted a video of him “helicoptering” — lying down on the two opposing guard rails of escalators going opposite directions and letting them twist your body around like helicopter blades. It was supposed to be the “h.n.t.” (hot new thing) for the youngsters to do, but the risk factor has sort of outweighed the reward factor.

So now, the “h.n.t.” is “dumbassing” which is to have your buddy post a video online that results in you owing thousands of dollars in property damage to a frickin’ mall.

If you’re still bold enough to give “helicoptering” a “whirl,” the video below shows how to do it correctly.



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