The Gradual Report Apparently Jumpstarted Shay Carl’s Success — Maybe At the Cost of His Own [INTERVIEW]



Daniel Grozdich is a fascinating specimen straight out of the Grand YouTube Oddities Collection. He basically takes credit for making Shay Carl into Shay Carl and apparently disconnected with the YouTube scene in its burgeoning infancy to go live in Australia. He knew Philip DeFranco and KassemG back when they were just pipsqueaks with a webcam and a dream. And did I mention that Grozdich has a law degree? He could be making “yacht money” by defending creeps like me instead of making his “Gradual Report” videos to entertain creeps like you.

On his channel, Grozdich is crazy and manic — like some grownup Fred Figglehorn (complete with the occasional helium voice). In our Skype interview, he is more calm, collected and pensive. Also, he eats a lot of grapes — just nibbling on them like he’s rationing food on some life raft lost in the ocean.

Grozdich’s channel has been in decline lately though, and there doesn’t seem to be a good reason as to the “why” behind the drop. His stuff is as sharp as it has ever been. So why has he gone down while others have rocketed to billowing new levels of success? Maybe, like “Logan’s Run,” he’s hit that invisible barrier that is being “too old” to be a YouTube Creator?

Whatever the reason, it’s a shame because YouTube is in danger of losing one of its most original — and opinionated — voices. Don’t believe me? Check out my revealing interview with the man … and his grapes.