‘The Science Of Cat’ Video Proves Your Cat Is Not Actually Trying To Kill You



Have you ever wondered why your cat lifts its tail when you scratch its back or why they can always land on their feet? I have always believed that cats were pretty complex creatures. Since the dawn of time they have reigned alongside some of the most powerful men and women of history dating all the way back to the Sphinx in Egypt. And while humans can’t get enough of them — I spent a good hour of my day today talking about cats — there is little that we seem to actually know about what makes our feline friends tick.

In the newest AsapScience video “The Science of Cats,” cat lovers get the chance to learn more about the meanings behind such things as why cats bury their poop and the chemical effects catnip produces in the cat brain. While at night I always believed my cats were attempting to suffocate me by sleeping on my face, the video has comforted me by sharing that 85 percent of the time cats are thinking about absolutely nothing, leaving on 15 percent of their time dedicated to making assassination plans. Guess you learn something new every day now don’t you?

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