Top 5 Crunchy, Granola-Lovin’ Internet Videos Celebrating Earth Day, Brah [VIDEOS]

What’s orange and red, and looks great on hippies?


Ahh, another Earth Day is upon us [Jeff breathes in the fine Southern California smog and coughs like he’s got a three-pack-a-day habit]. Earth Day, for those of you who still throw your trash out the window, is the one day when you definitely give credence to the art of NOT throwing your trash out the window. It’s like Valentine’s Day — I SHOULD practice it all year round, but the reality is I’m only buying the b*tch candy and flowers on one day.

Now that the second-lamest holiday is upon us (wtf is Easter anyhow?), I thought we should celebrate in grand style by taking a gander at 5 (count ‘em) fabulous creator videos that celebrate the notion of Earth Day in one form or another. I could have offered up a bevy of vids that teach you how to make a planter box for a tree sapling out of a milk carton, but these videos somehow all seemed much more tolerable.

5. The Earth Learns A Valuable Lesson About Annoying Orange

I mostly can’t stand Annoying Orange. He was mostly created for an audience who isn’t me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally learn something from him. As this video teaches you, probably, even annoying people (or things) aren’t all bad.