Top 5 Crunchy, Granola-Lovin’ Internet Videos Celebrating Earth Day, Brah [VIDEOS]

4. Crying ‘Indian’ PSA — Still Relevant After All These Years

This classic Public Service Announcement reminding you not to litter is from before I was even born — and yet, still holds up today (mostly). And before you say it, yes, I know he wasn’t a real Native American — that doesn’t make the video any less powerful (okay, it does a little bit — what other lies is that charlatan telling us?).

3. Earth — A Video You Need to See

This is like the “Soaring Over California” ride at that other, less good Disneyland park, Grand California Adventure, only this video is the much-more-majestic WHOLE FFRIGGIN’ WORLD! The next time you put that soda can in the trash, I want you to think that this is what you are ruining. Also, the sound of people digging through your trash cans for those cans is keeping me up at night, so stop it!

2. Sourcefed Exposes Earth Days’ Evil, Murderous Origins

So who knew that Earth Day had such crazy/sinister origins? Sourcefed knew. Joe Bereta gives the shakedown on what might essentially just be a holiday for a murderer. Of course, we also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day — and anybody who knew that madman will tell you he was also a murderer of sorts.