The Young Turks News Show to Reach 1 Billion Views this Month [VIDEO]

Congrats to NMR friends The Young Turks on their expected 1 BILLION VIEWS by the end of the month!

One billion is the new milestone in everything profound. One billion means you’ve really made it; it means you’re part of an elite club with very few members in any aspect of life. Very few people hit a billion anything, be it dollars, views or miles travelled in your 1973 Buick Skylark. And this month, The Young Turks will totally do it.

When it hits one billion views this month, the web news show primarily hosted by the genial Cenk Uygur will be the first news/politics show to achieve said milestone. If its footprint in mass culture was ever in doubt, it certainly won’t be then. The show, which went live with the announcement at 6:00 PST, has been around now for seven and a half years, and in that time, has transformed the way news on the web is broadcast. And clearly, the public has noticed: It took the show about five years to reach 500 million views and then will have taken merely two and a half years to achieve the 1 billion view mark. Not a bad feat if you’ve got the grapes to do it (as a total network, The Young Turks have already reached a billion views).

Young Turks Co-Founder and Host Cenk Uygur told NMR:

“We had to have a viewer as part of the billion view party because it wouldn’t be The Young Turks without them. They are the show, they are The Young Turks.”


But that’s not all! It seems The Young Turks haven’t forgotten that it is you, the fan, who will have gotten them up into this rarified air, and as such, they want to give a little something back to you in the form of a contest. But not just any contest, mind you, a really really cool contest.

According to their press release, here are the details:

One lucky grand prize winner will win two tickets to the TYT billion views party along with two round trip tickets to LA, from the continental US, and 3 nights of accommodation. Now don’t worry, if you don’t win the grand prize, an additional 10 lucky people will win bag of TYT swag. The drawing for this sweepstakes is random, and we want to thank our friends at WizeHive for administering the contest.

Here’s the fun part – to enter to win, TYT has come up with a fun YouTube spin on a scavenger hunt. Every day on their YouTube channel we release eight to twelve clips, the link to enter the contest will be randomly inserted into the description box of one of those daily uploads. So in order to enter you would have to go to look through the clips they’ve uploaded that day and try to find the link inside of one of the description boxes of one of those daily uploads, don’t forget to click “show more” to read the entire description box. You can enter once a day through April 19, 2013.

In addition, on Twitter, TYT will conduct “Biggest TYT Fan on Twitter” which means, in less than 140 characters, tell them why you’re the biggest The Young Turks Fan. Winners will win a TYT swag bag sent to their home.

Not bad, right? Congrats again to The Young Turks, and we look forward to breaking the news when they become the first news and politics program to hit two billion views!

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