The Young Turks Stir Up Trouble With Middle Eastern Comments on Current TV [VIDEO]

You can only offer opinions on politics and current events for so long before someone calls you a racist, an instigator or a hypocrite. If you’re doing your job correctly, probably all three.

Cenk Uygur, host of Current TV’s “The Young Turks” was offering commentary on the Boston Terror Attacks when he admitted “I was rooting for non-Middle Eastern,” to which Mediaite editor Noah Rothman took umbrage and declared that such a mindset was “unconscionable.”

Now the clip has gone viral as factions debate whether A.) Uygur was right, and B.) whether he should be able to admit this thinking publicly at all.

That part B needs to be considered at all is the only thing unconscionable in this whole clip. Absolutely, people deserve to have their opinion and to share it without fear of persecution, isolation or recourse. It should be action, not thought, that we punish. Thought allows for discussion and dissenting opinion, which allows for the best ideal to emerge and for democracy to enact that ideal in the hope that it leads to a better society. While I may not like some of the outlandish things that get said, and while my detractors might outright hate the things I say, I do not seek to get people fired, and it pains me that people have tried to get me fired instead of tuning me out.

This clip from Current TV is beautiful because not only does Uygur offer up his opinion, but Rothman basically calls him a monster for it — and that is a-okay! See how wonderfully adult that is? Two men in nice clothing disagree with one another and nobody dies, gets beat up or fired (damn well nobody ought to get fired over this). And we, the viewers, win because we too can have our own opinion.

For the record, I too was relieved it was non-Middle Eastern activists, but was frustrated when the ties to extreme Muslim fundamentalism came into play. I’m tired of these bad guys — why couldn’t it have been Nazis or aliens? Wait, no, just Nazis. That last Indiana Jones movie was terrible.

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