This Is What Happens When Your Baby Finds Your Lightsaber [VIDEO]

While gun control has been a big topic in the past few months, has anybody thought about protecting kids from lightsabers? I’ve seen the original “Star Wars” trilogy, and let me tell you, those weapons are just plain dangerous. Those lightsabers can cut a limb or a human head seamlessly.

Now what happens when your baby finds your lightsaber and becomes a little Darth Vader? Well, it doesn’t look good. See how the guys at Gnarly Tooth attempt to stop the baby from wielding the very dangerous product in the viral YouTube video above. According to the Huffington Post, Joel and Jared Erickson shot the video using iPhones and Androids over Christmas 2011, but only recently had the time to edit it.

Remember to always keep your light sabers locked and away from your little ones!

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