Time To Party! Ryan Higa’s YouTube Channel ‘NigaHiga’ Hits 8 Million Subscribers


It has been quite the week for YouTuber Ryan Higa, whose YouTube channel has just hit 8 million subscribers [YouTube logo balloons fall from the ceiling and a marching band starts playing]. After visiting the hospital earlier this week for injuries acquired during filming of a YouTube video, Higa has not only his health to be thankful for but also the continual growth of his channel. In a note to his fans, Higa shared:


Turns out people love watching other people get hit in the face and injured with flying fruit. Higa’s channel “NigaHiga” is currently the fourth most subscribed channel on YouTube just under YouTube superstars Jenna Marbles, who exceeded 8 million subscribers earlier this year, and Smosh, who just hit 9 million subscribers two weeks ago. Along with his YouTube channel, Higa is also co-founder of the YOMYOMF YouTube network and a judge on the YouTube talent competition “Internet Icon.” So cheers to you, Ryan Higa, and heres to another million subscribers.

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