Top 15 YouTubers Without Makeup Might Shock You [GALLERY]

It is said that only 12 percent of the population are truly strikingly, traffic-stoppingly beautiful. For the rest of us 88 percent, we get a little help from our friends — those friends being CoverGirl, L’Oréal and the bottles of wine we keep in our fridge.

While each morning we strive to capture the “I just rolled out of bed and look this amazing” look of our favorite celebrities, we always find ourselves falling short because, let’s face it, maintaining the “perfect look” in the real world is nearly impossible. Sure, you can leave your apartment looking hot, but before you know it, you’ve spilt coffee on your shirt and laughed so hard at a coworker’s joke that your makeup has washed off your face. With a gross shirt and no makeup, those 45 minutes you spent getting ready seem like a complete waste.

Now before you go crawl into your sweats with a bucket of cookie dough and pitcher of sangria, know you aren’t alone — even wildly successful YouTubers have their “off days.” So instead of greeting your bare-faced self with a “you look like you’ve been hit by a train” comment each morning, know that you aren’t the only one with red skin and dark circles under your eyes. Fun fact: our favorite ladies of YouTube have them too. So from one woman with uneven skin to another, here is a gallery of our favorite YouTubers sans makeup. May it serve as a nice reminder that no one wakes up looking good … no one.

Jenna Marbles


Taryn Southern


Grace Helbig


Hannah Hart


Brittani Louise Taylor


Colette Butler




Bree Essrig


Michelle Phan


Promise Phan

Olga Kay


Bethany Mota




Blair Fowler aka JuicyStar07


Andreas Choice



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