Top 5 Most Fashionable YouTubers Whose Closets You Want To Raid

YouTubers are known for many things: their DIY-ness, pioneering the social media field, their ability to shoot, edit and upload content in a couple hours. But one thing never associated with these creators is the phrase “wonderful fashion sense.” Now, YouTubers aren’t entirely to blame for their inexperience in the fashion department, and for many, their poor fashion sense has gotten them the fame and subscribers they have now. When broken down, the life of a YouTuber is pretty simple. In the morning, they shoot a video from their bedroom — no dressing up required — and spend the remaining hours of their day editing sans makeup, shoes and pants.

So while Hollywood stars spend hours in wardrobe and makeup, YouTube fans have fallen in love with their creators for being just the way they are [Bruno Mars starts playing in the background and Carly starts dancing]. And though I love the idea of “every person is beautiful,” that doesn’t keep me from judging creators’ style choices. Over the past couple of days, I spent hours scouring the YouTube world to find the most fashionable creators. And from my in-depth research I have concluded: YouTube, it’s time to step it up. May the list below inspire each and everyone of you to find your own style, or at least film your videos in a shirt that doesn’t have a stain on it.

Tori Kelly


Tori Kelly is one of those few girls who could somehow make a trash bag look cool. With an edgy and youthful style, Kelly appears in her videos to look put together and serious about presenting herself as a professional musician.

Kina Grannis


 Could she be any more adorable? I would characterize Grannis’ style the same way I would describe her videos: hip, creative and colorful. An “A+” for this lovely lady.

Marie Digby


Marie Digby captures viewers attention not only with her incredible voice but also with her classic, vintage- inspired style.

Chester See


The only man to make my list,  Chester has come a long way from the tank tops and sideways hats he used to rock in his early videos. Now he approaches each video in a professional and fashionable way: with a button down shirt and tie. And can I just say — he has never looked better.

Live Prude Girls


Sassy, well-dressed and complete knockouts, Stevie Nelson and Milana Vayntrub are keeping it hot — and awkward — on their YouTube talk show “Live Prude Girls.”

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