Updates: Twitter Documents the Horror of Explosions at Boston Marathon [NSFW Graphic Images]

DOUBLE UPDATE 4/16/13 10:15 a.m. PST:

There hasn’t been a lot of revelations yet, the FBI is keeping wraps on any and all discovery, but so far the list of casualties is now at 3 (I guess I owe an apology to FOX News and the pre-cog they’ve doubtlessly got working there) and one of the confirmed dead is an 8-year-old boy whose father had just completed the marathon. The list of injured has grown to 176, while several of the injuries came as a result of falling glass from the windows of the hotel above which shattered in the concussion from the explosion.

UPDATES 4/15/13 15:26 p.m. PST:

According to credible news media (thanks for nothing, FOX) there have so far been 2 killed and 22 listed as wounded (including at least ten in area hospitals being treated for missing limbs). No suspects are in custody at this time.

Raw Street Footage From Moments After the Explosion


The Actual Explosion (as captured by the Boston Globe)

Original article:


If you needed further horrifying proof into the use of Twitter as a chronicler of human devastation, look no further than today’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon. An event still in its early stages, and yet, the Twitter reports and pictures, from eyewitnesses at the scene, are flooding in right along with the facts.

For those of you not plugged in to your social media at the moment, two explosions (so far) have ripped through the area at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, injuring dozens and killing (as Fox News is reporting) at least three. Early reports have it looking like a terrorist attack, but whether it is foreign or domestic terrorism, there is yet no word.

boston-explosion-3Imagine how early-world disasters like the Titanic might have been averted with the use of social media, while in others, Twitter (et al.) can only be useful in chronicling the aftermath. The words and images coming out so far though, seem to paint the picture of terror on Patriot’s Day.

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