Twitter In Talks With Viacom and Comcast To Bring More Video Content


Twitter is in talks with Viacom and Comcast for a content partnership that would give the microblogging site more video content and split advertising revenue between the networks, according to Bloomberg.

A source told Bloomberg that Twitter wants more entertainment and news video content, which, if reached, could see more video content from cable channels like USA Network, MTV and Nickelodeon alongside your friend’s recent tweet about his favorite restaurant.

If a deal is reached with Viacom and Comcast, this would become a significant part of Twitter’s evolution from a 140-character microblogging site to social media destination. Getting into online video has been a priority for Twitter thanks to its Vine app, where users can create and share six-second videos on the web. The app has been so popular that Sony has used Vine for its “baseball cards” promotion for its video game “MLB 13: The Show” and the Tribeca Film Festival is looking for Vine submissions for a short film contest.

Besides making inroads into video, Twitter is set to launch its Twitter Music discovery app soon, even though some sources speculated that it would be available during the first weekend of Coachella. As a consequence, We Are Hunted, the music discovery app that Twitter bought last year, announced last week it would shut down its operations.

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