Two Girls Post ‘Murder List’ Video To YouTube [VIDEO]

Ahh, girls. So organized …

Two girls took to YouTube recently with a video detailing the classmates they wanted to kill. And that is why girls are so much better than boys — boys would have just gone and killed the classmates. Girls always want to make a list, share the list with their friends, rank the people on the list, draw little hearts to dot the “i’s” on the people in the list …

The two girls, who hail from New Jersey (did “Superstorm Sandy” teach them nothing about brotherhood?), attended PS 27 in Paterson and posted a 20 minute video to YouTube (since removed) detailing who in their class they didn’t like, and how they should be killed. Methods included stabbing and choking, so you know that shit was serious.

“I have special killing thingies for different people,” one of the girls says in the video (hmm, perhaps they weren’t so serious after all).

The incident initially began in the girl’s classroom in which one of unnamed minors read a journal entry declaring who in the class needed to be killed. Apparently the teacher did not hear the reading of the manifesto (probably huffing glue — lousy teachers), but a student who was named on the “kill list” complained (probably a good move these days). Later, another student in the class found the YouTube video online.

The two girls have now been removed from the school environment and there is going to be a full police investigation, but it doesn’t take a big-city genius to tell ya — them girls is goin’ down.

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