‘Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight’ is the Most White-Knuckle Thrill Video on YouTube [VIDEO]



Considering that this is currently the hottest video on the internet, we at NMR would almost be remiss in our sworn duty if we didn’t expose you to it.

Simply (or, perhaps, not so simply) named “Unbelievable Wingsuit Cave Flight,” this video delivers on its title in spades! The stuntman/daredevil/adrenaline junky/nut Alexander Polli, strapped into a nylon wingsuit, not only spits in the face of God and gravity by soaring, arms-outstretched, along the rocky terrain just above the earth, but he also blasts through the narrowest of cavern holes without completely dying. I can’t quite describe it in a manageable length of space for this article, because while a picture is worth a thousand words, a video like this is worth a hundred-friggin’-billion. Okay, maybe that is overselling it a tad, but so what? After you watch what this guy does, I don’t think you’ll be back to complain. More likely you will be too busy buying new underwear and showing this to all your friends.

What really sells the video is the fact that, to prepare for this insanely dangerous stunt, Polli attempts a similar-sized gap made of soft, breakable foam — and wrecks it several times. Basically, this is one of those one-shot, have-to-make-it-or-you-will-die moments and it gives absolutely nothing away to say that he nails it. How appropriate that this little gap in a rough cliffside is apparently called “the Batman Cave.”

I curse the heavens every day for inventing the beef jerky that will forever keep me too fat to try a wingsuit. On second thought, eating all that beef jerky, I’ll probably live longer.

For you badass, armchair adrenaline junkies out there, here are a few more videos to amp you up: