Vice Starts Thump, Electronica Music & Culture Channel, on YouTube [VIDEO]


Vice is the Energizer Bunny — no, fuck that, they’re the black plague of new media culture, just letting their infected-rat hordes blanket the civilized world — and I dig it.

What started as a free magazine by hipsters, for hipsters and mocking hipsters, has now spread into a global powerhouse of truly uninhibited news reporting on all fronts. And in their delightful tradition of continued brilliance, they’ve just started an electronica channel on YouTube called “Thump.”

As a nut for electronic music (except dubstep — fuck that noise), I am overwhelmed by this revelation and can think of no better news service to put out a culture channel on my favorite music genre. For non-fans, imagine if Justin Bieber came to your house with a gang of Tanqueray and a box of rubbers — sounds pretty good now, right?



According to a press release, the channel debuts with “The Arrival,” a new series celebrating the journeys of some of Thump’s favorite DJs and producers, from their first connection with electronic music to arriving to perform on the world’s biggest stages.

Here, I am picturing MTV done right — with hot raver babes, glow sticks, and, time permitting, some good ass-moving vibe music.

“Vice is known for telling stories that matter to young people,” says Andrew Creighton, president of Vice. “Now, with our friends at Recreation Worldwide, we’ve created Thump to tell stories that matter for fans of electronic music, through the best video content on the scene. So just stay awake – stay awake! – and enjoy.”

Aye, aye, captain. Now somebody bring me my day-glo tracksuit and spoonfeed me molly — I’ve got an existence to squander.

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