‘Video Game High School’ Creators Developing ‘Field of Fire’ Modern Warfare Game


Rocket Jump Studios, the guys who brought you “Video Game High School,” are currently developing an action-packed video game due to popular demand from VGHS fans.

Enter “Field of Fire,” a modern battlefield warfare game where you take part in Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 as they fight off the Mexican invasion. The main storyline involves the team crossing into Mexico to save Canadian Prime Minister Bouchard from the Mexican Special Forces who kidnapped him.

The game will feature a “white-knuckle, single player campaign” that will last “a whole afternoon,” not many weeks. You can get in on the action with their first-person view and you customize your avatar to take with you to the battlefield. Choose from several guns so you can frag as many opponents in the storyline as well as in multiplayer combat mode.

Besides the gameplay, its graphics will feature more than 5.3 million shades of brown as well as 10,000 different lens flares and bloom effects. “Field of Fire” will also have some expensive downloadable content but a “less expensive, but still expensive” season pass will let you pre-order the downloadable content early.

Are you crazy enough to save Canada’s constitutionally elected leader? “Field of Fire” will hit stores December 2013


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