‘Video Game High School’ Season 2 BTS Sneak Peek with Creator Freddie Wong [INTERVIEW VIDEO]



Coming on the heels of its monstrously successful Kickstarter effort, “Video Game High School” is amping up to have what will likely be the most awesome season of a web show since … well … season 1 of “Video Game High School.”

“One Shot Wonder” Brian is back with a whole new set of adventures — some stuff can be disclosed, some stuff is still top secret, but look for more in-depth looks at some side characters you’ve grown to love (including Harley Morenstein as “The Headmaster”).

“It gives us a lot of freedom,” Freddie W. says of the generous donations made during the crowdsourcing round of funding (which is quickly becoming the first stop on the funding circuit), and has allowed them to move more freely within the world that is “Video Game High School.” But don’t take my word for it: watch the NMR exclusive video complete with behind-the-scenes footage and an interview with creators Freddie Wong and Brian Firenzi interview.

For more behind-the-scenes footage, click here.

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