Video of Cat Dressed In Shark Costume Chasing Baby Duck While Riding Vacuum Will Change Your Life

All I can say after watching the YouTube video above is that my life is now complete.

Today, as I settled down into my fancy NMR chair — which is really a pink plastic kiddie chair from Walmart — and rolled up to my official NMR desk — which is actually just an old Sun Chips box someone found outside by the dumpster — I thought to myself, “What magic will I find in the YouTube world today?” And as a girl who once went on a date with a magician, I believe I have the authority and life experiences to definitively say that the video above is the most magical thing the world has ever seen.

A cat wearing a shark costume WHILE chasing a baby duck WHILE riding on a mini vacuum — could there be anything better? So if you don’t see any more articles from me today it is because I will be watching this video on repeat for the next six days. Cat lovers be warned: This video is about to rock your world.

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