Video Sharing Site Waywire Launches Beta With New Layout to Better Collect And Share Content

Just last month, NMR talked with CEO of Waywire Nathan Richardson about the launch of the then new video archiving website and its mission to provide a central hub for video content from around the web. Waywire was originally founded with the mission to collect video from different media platforms across the internet — 85 different sources to be exact — and house them on their site. The team behind Waywire want to establish the video-sharing site as a place where users can easily search for videos collected from numerous sources about a singular topic.

“Video is a powerful tool and a democratizing force. It’s being embraced by the current generation in ways my generation couldn’t imagine,” said Cory Booker, a Waywire co-founder. “And they are pushing back against the artificial restrictions they face on collecting and sharing meaningful content. So we need to remove all the barriers that prevent these important, individual voices from being heard. It’s too hard right now to find meaningful video content from trusted voices.”


This morning the creators of Waywire announced that they will be beginning the beta testing phase of their site. Being revealed are new features that make it easier for users to search for videos, features that Waywire hopes will help build a community of users interested in similar topics. Singing up for a Waywire account is free, and once a user logs in, they are given the opportunity to upload, share and collect video content of their interest.

Before the changes, each user’s profile page featured a simple list of videos (as seen in the photo above); now the profiles resemble a Pinterest page. On the home page, viewers can group together videos into a folder (named Wires) to collect videos of a certain interest such as “Videos of Tabby Cats” or “Civil Rights Movement Retrospective.” Once a person clicks to view these folders, they can watch an introduction to the folder that the user has made and then watch a single video or choose to “Play Wire” and watch all of them in one sitting. Alongside the organizational changes to the site, Waywire also announced that it is working with major original online content creators that include HuffPost Live, CollegeHumor, The Young Turks and Above Average Productions.


Read NMR’s original interview with the folks of Waywire here.

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