Vimeo Changes Name To Vimeow and Announces Plans To Become Home For Cat Videos

Oh sweet goodness, it’s finally happened! Since the dawn of the internet, cat lovers have wished for a home that their cat videos could call their own. A space where crazy “cat women” could meet crazy “cat men” and spend hours sharing their homemade “cat videos” back and forth. And after wishing and wishing, the internet Gods have finally answered their cries with Vimeo’s cat-centric announcement this morning.

Vimeo made the shocking decision to change their name to Vimeow, a place for all cat videos to feel right at home. While this new name may take awhile for people to remember — for pete’s sake most of us still don’t remember when daylight savings is — the content of Vimeo’s site should see few changes due to the site’s already established popularity with pet owners. To celebrate the transition into a feline-focused site, Vimeow’s front page features staff picked favorite cat videos that capture all things cat — from coverage of Moscow’s Cat Theatre to a “lifestyle guide” from Brenton the cat.


In Vimeo’s announcement of Vimeow this morning, they share:

“For the last half-dozen years, we have been working to develop a new kind of online experience: one that combines the digital freedom of the web with the analog pleasure of luxuriating in a patch of sunlight on your living room floor. We’ve been building an innovative platform — one that you can sit on and survey your domain; tenderly rub up against; or scratch fervently, as if trying to claw the eyes out of the human who refuses to put more food in your bowl. It’s a place to hide when people come over, and a way to connect with other feral, potentially rabid strays. It’s the home for your cat videos. It’s called Vimeow.”

Along with the official name change to Vimeow, the names of the features have been changed as well. For instance, “following” will now be called “patiently stalking,” “The Forum” will furthermore be known “The Litterbox” and your mouse will become an actual mouse. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted and more.

So tell your cat to get ready for his close up because he is about to become the next big Vimeow thing!

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