Vimeo Video School: The 4 ‘P’S’ Of Storytelling Part 2

Vimeo, in an effort to appear way cooler than their cruel, buttoned down competitor YouTube, have recently embarked on a quest to provide filmmakers essential pointers through a series of “Storytelling the Stillmotion Way” videos.

Produced by Portland-based company Stillmotion, each video covers a different aspect of filmmaking, such as the four “Ps” of storytelling, which were covered in the series’ maiden upload earlier this month.

The second installment of “Storytelling the Stillmotion Way” was released recently and details the finer points of the previously mentioned four “Ps.”

This latest endeavor from Vimeo again solidifies the type of storytelling and filmmaking the video sharing site may feel fits best among their content — documentaries and nonfiction-oriented videos; it’s not about pumping out trending parody rap songs for these guys. Vimeo has totally embraced the plaid-wearing of their creators who, with any luck, will represent a new generation of independent filmmakers.

Our good pals at ReelSEO broke down the video way better than I ever could, so I recommend heading over there and checking out their beat by beat analysis of Vimeo’s recent storytelling upload.

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