Vincent Cyr: Handsomeness Plus Daily Vlogs Equals Internet Glory [YouTube NextUp Creator Profiles]


The YouTube channel of Vincent Cyr is a veritable grab bag of content. Combing through his seven plus years of content, Vincent’s uploads range from parody to music videos with no real grounding theme running through any of them. But that’s okay — Vincent gets away with it racking up tens of thousands of views per upload. Handsome guys, they have it so easy.

Among his daily vlog videos, what stands out like a lightning rod is the YouTube creator’s total transparency as a digital personality. Take his upload “Secret Turn Ons,” for example; this is a topic most of us are uncomfortable talking about with even our close friends. But, here’s Vincent laying it all out totally unabashed. It’s hard not to like someone this earnest, and as his legions of fans prove, we here at NMR aren’t the only ones captivated by this creator.

About the piece:

Out of YouTube’s thousands of creator channels, 30 promising creators are picked every season to participate in the YouTube NextUp Creator program — a sort of Hogwarts Academy for the very best of the YouTube best. They spend a week training at the YouTube Creator Space in Los Angeles, attending seminars, learning advanced filming techniques and interacting with some of the YouTube greats. In short, it’s a pretty cool honor. Since YouTube thinks they’re worthy, NMR thinks you should know about them.

So we’re featuring the Winter 2013 class of Nextup participants — 2 a day for the next 15 days.Learn about these fresh faces, love their content and then subscribe to their channels, because these are the next generation of YouTube innovators.

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