Vinnie The Magnificent Bunny Can Balance Anything On His Head In “Stuff On My Rabbit” Tumblr

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Vinnie the Rabbit. Vinnie leads a pretty normal bunny life, filling his days with frolicking in the yard and devouring mountains of carrots and lettuce. But unlike his bunny brothers and sisters — of which there are millions since they spawn by just looking at each other — Vinnie has the ability to balance anything on his head.

It could be caused by the flatness of his cranium or his patient personality, but place anything atop Vinnie’s head and there it will stay for all of eternity. And yes, I mean anything: pickles, pancakes, stuffed animals, small signs, pens, dish towels, colanders, hot dogs, outlet covers, a plastic potato, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, a box of Peeps, an Easter basket, a take-out menu — it’s all captured on the Tumblr “Stuff On My Rabbit.” The Tumblr resembles the idea behind the “Food On My Dog” Tumblr which was started in 2012 and features a dog balancing all kinds of things on his head. When it comes to cute animals balancing stuff on their heads, we just can’t get enough.


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