Web ‘Shorty’ Awards Tonight — Get To Know Your Categories and Nominees


Hosted by the lovely Felicia Day, the 5th annual Shorty Awards are happening tonight in the Big Apple (New York City, for the laypeople out there). And as the doomsday clock on their website ebbs closer to the zero hour, we here at NMR thought you might want to know just what the hell the Shortys are, and just who the hell might be winning them (on the off-chance your bookie takes those kinds of bets).

If you aren’t familiar with them, allow us to explain them: the Shortys represent a physical accolade in the form of a trophy for the yearly exemplars of social media’s finest contributors. Past winners have included Conan O’Brien, Epic Meal Time and Grover.

The Shortys are voted on by the Real Time Academy — a coterie of top media strategists, educators and cutting edge personalities including MC Hammer, Whitney Port and Craig of Craigslist fame. So when you win a Shorty, just know that MC Hammer probably had a hand in it. Not bad, right?

While the list of nominees and categories are much too large to mention in their entirety (seriously, go to their website — there are roughly 72 different awards categories, typically with 6 nominees each) some of the pertinent categories include YouTube Comedy Star (look for Smosh to take it), Best Web Show (the smart money is on “The Lizzie Bennet Diaries”) and Future Celebrity (I’m going Jillian Jensen for the upset). Other categories though include Best Filipino Social Media Star, Best Fake Twitter Account and Best Justin Bieber Account (of which the actual Justin Bieber is only one of the six nominees). So if you are a funny Filipino future celebrity who runs a fake Justin Bieber Twitter account and you happen to be followed by MC Hammer, let’s just say that tonight should be a damn good night for you.

The awards are at 7:30 p.m. EST, but if you’re like me and can’t be there live, be sure to check out the clips of the winners on YouTube.

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